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10:00AM - 1:00PM

19th December 2020


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 How You Can Trade in the Most Liquid $6 Trillion Daily Volume Forex Market, in Your Spare Time

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If you’ve ever wished for greater
FREEDOM to spend your TIME and money YOUR WAY,
LIFESTYLE TRADING is a clear, top-of-the-list answer.

An access road running parallel to the highways of hard work, busy days – Lifestyle Trading is an entry into:
  • a promising source of additional income
  • a high-value skill of navigating through the world of trading with confidence
  • a life where your results are down to you and not dependent on the turbulent economy

And no… you don’t need to be a trader by profession..

....number geek by passion, or an analysis nerd by hobby. In fact, unlike other businesses, you don’t even need copious amounts of starting capital. All you really need is:

  • The discipline to follow a Trading Plan and a step-by-step method
  • ​The willingness to spend 1, maybe 2, hours a day to truly reap the benefits
  • The Resolve to learn the tricks-of-the-trade (yes-pun intended!), tricks which our experts make super easy to understand, remember and use; tricks which also translate into a very handy skill given the volatile economic world we live in today

Join us for this comprehensive 3 HOUR


It is free of cost. But that’s not why you should join us

You should join because it's our promise to you that this day will leave you with a lot more hands-on understanding of trading tools than all the books you’ve ever read and all the videos you’ve seen. 

At the event, you won’t just learn the trading basics, but you’ll learn some potential smart trading hacks that most traders haven’t yet discovered. 

Instead of focusing on individual profits or losses, this event highlights the importance of having a solid trading plan.

Our team has learning experts. And that’s why our workshops are engaging, informative, and absolutely 100% focused on the goal – which is to have you walk out with clear, correct, complete knowledge of trading in today’s world.


EXPECT To Learn DuriNg THE training

10:00AM - 1:00PM 

  • Our exclusive risk management techniques show you how you can risk size to 2% risk per trade, easily using our system
  • How to use set & forget systems to automate your trading, freeing up your time 
  • A step-by-step walk through of a system approach that can help you identify key patterns in any market movements—up or down
  • Looking at our approach to trader psychology and how to successfully master your mindset 
  • Learn how traders are revving up for the huge impact of Brexit, US Presidential Elections and Covid-19 on the currency markets
  • LIVE Trading Analysis (if the markets are open)
  • Learn how to use SmartCharts
  • Start to think about what you want to achieve with your trading

The Founder Of Learn To Trade


Greg was one of the youngest vice president ever at Mellon bank, and the professional trading skills he acquired during his time there allowed him to leave at 26, focus on trading and setup his own business.

Greg started teaching people to trade in his front room, and thanks to his knowledge and experience, coupled with the ability to show people how they can do it too, it grew into a multi-million £ global trader training brand.
Since 2003, Greg's trained over 300,000 people worldwide, received numerous awards and has spoken on almost every continent alongside experts such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, and many other high-profile figures.

Greg's Learn To Trade education program is currently the largest private trader education company in the world.


HOST FOR THE training


Gurdas Singh Sidhu was introduced to trading 12 years ago. Having been personally mentored and coached by Greg Secker, he has a strong understanding of our systems and trading technology.

He has lead workshops across the globe, from Australia, London, South Africa and trained 1000’s of people. Gurdas is dedicated to showing others how trading works and helping them start their trading journey.

Gurdas' had a humble start in life. He was born to Indian parents who worked in car factories in the South of England. Education was always the most important priority in his household, and his parent's sacrifice allowed Gurdas to graduate from the London School of Economics. It was there that he learned the importance of surrounding yourself with right people and overcoming personal limitations.

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The Lifestyle TRADER Online EVENT 

Is completely on your terms!

Greg and Gurdas want everyone to be given the opportunity to see if trading is for them, in an interactive, informative, expert environment…

Most Importantly, They Want Everyone To Experience It For Themselves! 

Just because the event is free does not mean you aren't going to receive actionable trading value.  The training itself is a condensed version of the LFX course, which is valued at £4995. 

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